The new Windows 10 Build 14279 on the Fast Ring are bring a plethora of new features and the prime focus has been kept on Cortana. Other than Cortana, several other features have been introduced and one of them is the integration of Sway with the Photos App in Windows 10. Sway in one-word is a story teller. Its integration with the Photos Appo will help you create stories of your life with you own photos.

Sway integrating with the Photos App on Windows 10

The new feature will provide users an option “Tell your story with Sway”. When you click the button in Microsoft Photos, your photo albums immediately becomes an interactive, web-based experience. There is a plenty of features that you can apply on the photos in your Photos App. For example, you can add section headers, text narration, captions, and many more in order to create a perfect narration of some special moments of your life. You can add in “all kinds of other web-based interactive media, too, including tweets, Vines, maps, charts, and even Living Images.”
Download the updated version of Photos App and you will get to use Sway. If you have never used Sway, then you will need to create an account in it.


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