PDF text files are extremely significant for any professional person. Students, researchers and engineers often need to convert humongous Excel data chunks to PDFs. Lawyers also work with a huge load of documents. For all such professionals, a potential PDF software is immensely important. StarzSoft PDF Wiz is a one stop destination for all sorts of PDF conversion processes. In this article, we shall review the PDF Wiz software. The application is available for both Windows operating system and macOS. PDF Wiz enables you to edit and convert PDF files to other file formats, and vice-versa.

In this article, we shall discuss the advantages provided by StarzSoft PDF Wiz.

Salient Features of StarzSoft PDF Wiz

  1. PDF Wiz is a complete solution for any document and PDF related functions. It covers a plethora of features, like PDF creation from normal document files, Conversion from one format to another, etc.
  2. PDF Wiz can convert PDFs to almost any other files. The application can convert your PDF files to editable document files (MS Word), PPT files, excel files, image likes such as JPG, PNG, TIFF and so on. It can also convert a pdf file to an HTML file viewable on the browser.
  3. As mentioned before, PDF Wiz can convert any document, excel, ppt, image files to PDFs. You can enjoy complete freedom in doing that. It is so simple to convert DOC or DOCX into device friendly, easily readable PDF files. You can merge multiple image files and combine them into one single PDF file with extreme ease.
  4. One of the most impressive features is that you get a good degree of freedom while editing a PDF file. You can split a single PDF into multiple PDFs. Again, the software enables you to merge multiple PDFs into one single PDF. You can compress the size of a PDF without deteriorating its quality. Very often, we need to send PDFs via email. As email clients allow only certain MBs of files, it is very necessary to fit the PDFs within that size. With StarzSoft PDF Wiz, PDF compression is no longer a hectic task. You can compress large PDFs by considerable scale without any deprivation of tone.
  5. You can extract images from a PDF file by splitting into multiple PDFs. You can also extract pages from a PDF and combine them to produce a single PDF.
  6. PDF Wiz enables users to lock and secure PDFs, in order to protect them from theft.
  7. It, being a desktop application, can be used to convert PDFs even without internet.
  8. The best thing about this software is that, it is absolutely free, and you, as a user, can access each and every feature in free of cost. This is something, not offered by every PDF converter.

PDF Wiz is a user friendly, feature rich desktop application, capable of providing seamless working experience to all users. We highly recommend this software, if you are looking for a free hassle-free PDf conversion solution.


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