In the modern highly competitive market, every business or organization has to put efforts not just to win clients, but to also retain them. Newsletters are designed to help keep the target audience updated with the latest developments in a business.

The newsletters are sent based on a pre-drawn schedule to tell readers about the current or forthcoming promotions, sales, and events. The newsletters can broadly be categorized into two:  

  1. Print newsletters: These newsletters are mainly 8.5 inches by 11 inches. 
  2. Email newsletters: These newsletters can vary in size and layout. However, you need to ensure that they are easy to view both in the browser and email. This brings us to the main question: How do you make winning newsletters? Here are the main steps to follow. 

Select the Preferred Newsletter Template 

This is perhaps the most important step when preparing a business newsletter. The spark newsletter templates are professionally designed and tested to guarantee results. For example, if you want to make a newsletter like the one shown above, it means that your final product will look similar. Although you should consider selecting templates that fall in your niche, do not shy away from trying something new.

Select the Preferred Newsletter Layout 

The layout of your newsletter is very important. So how do you lay out several pages of a newsletter? One, you should make the header consistent. A consistent header helps to unite the pages and makes them to look professional. Two, you should use the newsletter’s issue number and volume number. This is crucial in telling your audience when and what to anticipate in the next issue.

When working on a newsletter layout, it is important to focus on striking a clear balance between images and text. The images you use should help to put the message you are sending through. Then, the text used on the newsletter should be broken down into various columns to make it legible. If you have a letter-size newsletter, a three-column design should suffice.

Add Graphics to the Newsletter 

When working on a newsletter, it is a perfect chance to strengthen your brand. You can achieve this by adding graphics related to your brand. These are components such as the businesses/ institution logo, and typeface to help with brand recognition. Good graphics increases the chances of your newsletter getting read by the target audience. 

When selecting graphics, you need to focus on something that the target audience can remember. For example, green and orange colors are used to denote an enjoyable color palette. Using dark text carefully against a light background helps to make the page more readable.

Add Your Newsletter Message

To make your newsletter highly effective, you should not consider the message as an afterthought. Instead, the message should be the primary driver for creating the newsletter. If the newsletter does not provide useful information, it is likely to create negative perception to clients. Therefore, you should aim at being instructive without appearing heavy-headed. 

Ensure that the text you use on the newsletter content is carefully copyedited. Besides, the articles you add to the newsletter should be precise and easy to read. If you are preparing a print newsletter, keep the word count limited to avoid overwhelming the reader.

Although you want to retain all clients, you should simplify the process of unsubscribing from the newsletter. If you do not provide this option, the reader is likely to feel caged and might never read the newsletter. 

Once you are through preparing your newsletter, take time to evaluate it. You might want to send it to a friend for a quick review. Incorporate the changes if any, and your newsletter is ready for dispatch to your target audience

Use the Newsletter Templates for the Best Newsletters



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