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The ever-changing trends of social media have an ever-growing influence on all aspects of our private and professional lives. Social media different platforms have the power to control and implement different changes in our behaviors especially the way we shop online. Social media marketing has proven its effectiveness when it raised more than 2.25 billion dollars back in 2016. From the dehumanizing of different personal elements of our daily lives where businesses suggested that it’s okay to receive bad service and inferior products in the past, to a completely different strategy nowadays where marketing is focused merely on how customers feel and think, with the consideration of their satisfaction in mind to avoid bad reviews. If you still haven’t grasped the full influence social media has and how it can take your business to a whole new level, then it’s time to get on the bandwagon and make use of the different social media trends to get closer to your target audience.

Social Media Metrics

Metrics such as retweets and likes are much easier to track, yet the proof of their real values is hard. Marketers can usually track these metrics to understand what’s working in their strategies and what’s not. The success of the engagement is usually defined by likes, comments or replies, shares or retweets, revenue attribution, the inspiration of emotional response, or taking actions. Since Instagram has been experimenting with removing “likes” worldwide, and this trend will be followed by Facebook soon, brands need to start looking beyond surface-level data. It’s important to bear in mind that marketers need to be concerned with how many people are talking rather than what’s being said. Long-term engagement is always better than just another spike in likes that quickly fades away. 

TikTok Challenges

Getting involved in different social media challenges is the smartest move brands can do right now. You can customize your TikTok url right now to start getting on the bandwagon of the now-so-many crazes that pop up every day. These challenges help in driving high engagement levels on your brand profile. The more you engage with these apps, the more you will be rewarded by the algorithms on these channels. Liking, commenting, and posting in trending hashtags or posting videos on TikTok will expand your reach and show your content to more people regardless of whether they are following you or not.

Starting a Trend

Almost every marketer now knows the trick of piggybacking every trend to get closer to their target audience and chase a viral moment to build meaningful connections with their customers. It’s easier to ride the trend wave rather than creating one. However, the rewards that come with the latter are much bigger and encourage organic growth, especially when it comes to Instagram and TikTok. People will start engaging with your challenge with your hashtag that might push thousands and millions of people to start participating as well. If you look around you, you will find many brands that reach younger consumers by responding directly to their tweets and replies. Besides TikTok challenges, TikTok, and other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have realized the importance of implementing video content into their channels. Short and long videos have been the most shared content on social media for a few years now. Your brand can start making video content or making use of the ads that can be added to videos to expand your reach.

Create a Story

Different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and even WhatsApp have taken a page out of Snapchat’s book and started stories that have become the biggest trend of the past couple of years. This trend isn’t about to slow down in 2020. While Instagram dominates stories, Facebook just comes next to it with more than 500 million daily users engaging in stories. Interactive stories and polls are one of the most brilliant trends that your brand must make use of to make your content a must-see. This way you will be able to get closer to your audience, ask them about their likes and dislikes, understand more about their behavior to optimize your strategy to achieve success.

Since our world is becoming more tech-centric each day, social media has become almost like a life raft that is essential for the survival of your business in the digital world. Every brand must have a bullet-proof social media marketing strategy to optimize its content and implement positive interactions with their target audience by speaking their language and riding the same trends they care about. This way you will get closer to your customers and expand your brand reach.


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