We all know that China has been utterly displeased by the US Government and has grown repulsive towards using any US based product. China has already banned Windows 8 and Microsoft Office in China and is on the verge of releasing its own desktop Operating System by October. Besides it has been talked about several times that the piracy rate of Windows OS in China is alarmingly high. All these collective issues is making Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella head towards China to solve the anti-trust probe with China.

Satya Nadella to head to China in September, likely to discuss anti-trust probe

China has the highest population in the world and the biggest economy makes China a favorite for any Company. Satya Nadella might be not wanting to lose this huge market. However Microsoft has kept mum on the purpose of this visit. We heard Nadella is travelling next month. China has alleged Microsoft that it provides a medium to the prying eyes of the NSA and the US government. Nadella perhaps want to calm China and drive away this fear.


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