Rope jump is a highly addictive game in Windows 8 which us nothing but a game of jump where the speed and timing may drive you crazy. When you will enter into the game, you will be greeted with a tutorial to tap the screen when you are ready to play. When you tap the screen, a glowing rope will appear with a skeleton. All you can do is too tap the screen when you want the skeleton to jump to avoid being hit by the rope.

Rope Jump

If you want to bring the above mentioned two key features in harmony you have to spend a lot if time in mastering the art. In rope jump, your main menu includes the option to jump into game play. Later on you can check the leader board, sync with Facebook or Twitter. The aim of the game is to jump the rope for as much time as possible. Of the rope of the player hits the skeleton, he is sent back to his grave and the game is over.

Rope Jump- the addictive Windows Phone 8 game

Rope Jump is a free game that is available in Windows Phone Store for download for Windows Phone 8. This game is addictive but it doesn’t have much to play. So even if it is good for short time span games but if you want to have a long time spending game, Rope Jump is surely not the right choice.

Install Rope Jump from Windows Store


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