This tutorial will help you to completely restore any of the default services and their settings in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. So, if you have deleted any default service or you have changed the property or settings of any of these services and want to get back the default settings, just follow the steps below.

Restore Default Services in Windows 8.1

All these Services are located in the registry location below.


Below you can see the default settings for all of the default services.

Display NameService NameStatusStartup Type
Active-X InstallerAxInstSVManual
App ReadinessAppReadinessManual
Application ExperienceAeLookupSvcManual (Trigger Start)
Application IdentityAppIDSvcManual (Trigger Start)
Application InformationAppinfoRunningManual
Application Layer Gateway ServiceALGManual
Application ManagementAppMgmtManual
AppX Deployment Service (AppXSVC)AppXSvcManual
Background Intelligent Transfer ServiceBITSRunningRunning Automatic (Delayed Start)
Background Tasks Infrastructure ServiceBrokerInfrastructureRunningAutomatic
Base Filtering Engine BFERunning Automatic
BitLocker Drive Encryption Service BDESVCManual (Trigger Start)
Block Level Backup Engine Service wbengine Manual
Bluetooth Support Service bthservManual (Trigger Start)
BranchCache PeerDistSvc Manual
Certificate Propagation CertPropSvcManual
CNG Key Isolation KeyIso Running Manual (Trigger Start)
COM+ Event SystemEventSystemRunningAutomatic
COM+ System ApplicationCOMSysAppManual
Computer BrowserBrowserRunningManual (Trigger Start)
Credential ManagerVaultSvcManual
Cryptographic ServicesCryptSvcRunningAutomatic
DCOM Server Process LauncherDcomLaunchRunningAutomatic
Device Association ServiceDeviceAssociationServiceRunningAutomatic (Trigger Start)
Device Install ServiceDeviceInstallManual (Trigger Start)
Device Setup ManagerDsmSvcManual (Trigger Start)
DHCP ClientDhcpRunningAutomatic
Diagnostic Policy ServiceDPSRunningAutomatic
Diagnostic Service HostWdiServiceHostRunningManual
Diagnostic System HostWdiSystemHostManual
Distributed Link Tracking ClientTrkWksRunningAutomatic
Distributed Transaction CoordinatorMSDTCRunningManual
DNS ClientDnscacheRunningAutomatic (Trigger Start)
Encrypting File System (EFS) EFS Manual (Trigger Start)
Extensible Authentication ProtocolEapHostManual
Family SafetyWPCSvcManual
File History ServicefhsvcManual (Trigger Start)
Function Discovery Provider HostfdPHostRunningManual
Function Discovery Resource PublicationFDResPubRunningManual
Group Policy ClientgpsvcRunningAutomatic (Trigger Start)
Health Key and Certificate ManagementhkmsvcManual
HomeGroup ListenerHomeGroupListenerRunningManual
HomeGroup ProviderHomeGroupProviderRunningManual (Trigger Start)
Human Interface Device AccesshidservManual (Trigger Start)
Hyper-V Data Exchange ServicevmickvpexchangeManual (Trigger Start)
Hyper-V Guest Service InterfacevmicguestinterfaceManual (Trigger Start)
Hyper-V Guest Shutdown ServicevmicshutdownManual (Trigger Start)
Hyper-V Heartbeat ServicevmicheartbeatManual (Trigger Start)
Hyper-V Remote Destop Virtualization ServicevmicrdvManual (Trigger Start)
Hyper-V Time Synchronization ServicevmictimesyncManual (Trigger Start)
Hyper-V Volume Shadow Copy RequestorvmicvssManual (Trigger Start)
IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying ModulesIKEEXTManual (Trigger Start)
Interactive Services DetectionUI0DetectManual
Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) SharedAccess Disabled
IP HelperiphlpsvcRunningAutomatic
IPsec Policy AgentPolicyAgentManual (Trigger Start)
KtmRm for Distributed Transaction CoordinatorKtmRm Manual (Trigger Start)
Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapperlltdsvc Manual
Local Session Manager LSM RunningAutomatic
Microsoft Account Sign-in AssistantwlidsvcRunningManual (Trigger Start)
Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Service MSiSCSIManual
Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider swprvManual
Microsoft Storage Spaces SMP smphost Manual
Multimedia Class SchedulerMMCSSRunningAutomatic
Net.Tcp Port Sharing ServiceNetTcpPortSharing Disabled
Netlogon NetlogonManual
Network Access Protection AgentnapagentManual
Network Connected Devices Auto-Setup NcdAutoSetup RunningManual (Trigger Start)
Network Connection Broker NcbServiceRunningManual (Trigger Start)
Network Connections NetmanManual
Network Connectivity Assistant NcaSvc Manual (Trigger Start)
Network List Service netprofmRunningManual
Network Location AwarenessNlaSvcRunningAutomatic
Network Store Interface Service nsiRunningAutomatic
Offline FilesCscService Manual (Trigger Start)
Optimize drives defragsvcManual
Peer Name Resolution ProtocolPNRPsvc RunningManual
Peer Networking Grouping p2psvcRunningManual
Peer Networking Identity Manager p2pimsvcRunningManual
Performance Counter DLL Host PerfHostManual
Performance Logs & Alerts plaManual
Plug and PlayPlugPlayRunningManual
PNRP Machine Name Publication Service PNRPAutoRegManual
Portable Device Enumerator ServiceWPDBusEnumRunningManual (Trigger Start)
PowerPowerRunning Automatic
Print SpoolerSpoolerRunningAutomatic
Printer Extensions and Notifications PrintNotifyManual
Problem Reports and Solutions Control Panel Support wercplsupportManual
Program Compatibility Assistant Service PcaSvcRunningAutomatic
Quality Windows Audio Video ExperienceQWAVEManual
Remote Access Auto Connection Manager RasAutoManual
Remote Access Connection ManagerRasManManual
Remote Desktop ConfigurationSessionEnvManual
Remote Desktop ServicesTermServiceManual
Remote Desktop Services UserMode Port Redirector UmRdpServiceManual
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)RpcSsRunningAutomatic
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator RpcLocatorManual
Remote RegistryRemoteRegistryDisabled
Routing and Remote Access RemoteAccessDisabled
RPC Endpoint Mapper RpcEptMapperRunningAutomatic
Secondary LogonseclogonManual
Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol Service SstpSvcManual
Security Accounts Manager SamSsRunningAutomatic
Security CenterwscsvcAutomatic (Delayed Start)
Sensor Monitoring Service SensrSvcManual (Trigger Start)
Shell Hardware Detection ShellHWDetectionRunningAutomatic
Smart CardSCardSvrDisabled
Smart Card Removal Policy SCPolicySvcManual
Software Protection sppsvcAutomatic (Delayed Start, Trigger Start)
Spot VerifiersvsvcManual (Trigger Start)
SSDP Discovery SSDPSRVRunningManual
Still Image Acquisition Events WiaRpcManual
Storage ServiceStorSvcManual (Trigger Start)
System Event Notification ServiceSENSRunningAutomatic
System Events Broker SystemEventsBrokerRunningManual (Trigger Start)
Task SchedulerScheduleRunningAutomatic
TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper lmhostsRunningAutomatic (Trigger Start)
Themes ThemesRunningAutomatic
Thread Ordering Server THREADORDERManual
Time Broker TimeBrokerRunningManual (Trigger Start)
Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel ServiceTabletInputServiceManual (Trigger Start)
UPnP Device HostupnphostManual
User Profile Service ProfSvcRunningAutomatic
Virtual Disk vdsManual
Volume Shadow Copy VSSRunningManual
WebClient WebClientManual (Trigger Start)
Windows All-User Install Agent AllUserInstallAgent Manual (Trigger Start)
Windows AudioAudioSrvRunningAutomatic
Windows Audio Endpoint BuilderAudioEndpointBuilderRunningAutomatic
Windows Backup SDRSVCManual
Windows Biometric Service WbioSrvcManual
Windows Color SystemWcsPlugInServiceManual
Windows Connect Now – Config RegistrarwcncsvcManual
Windows Connection ManagerWcmsvcRunningAutomatic (Trigger Start)
Windows Defender Network Inspection Service WdNisSvcRunningManual
Windows Defender ServiceWinDefendRunningAutomatic (Trigger Start)
Windows Driver Foundation – User-mode Driver FrameworkwudfsvcRunningManual (Trigger Start)
Windows Encryption Provider Host Service WEPHOSTSVCManual (Trigger Start)
Windows Error Reporting Service WerSvcManual (Trigger Start)
Windows Event CollectorWecsvcManual
Windows Event LogEventLogRunningAutomatic
Windows FirewallMpsSvcRunningAutomatic
Windows Font Cache Service FontCacheRunningAutomatic
Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) StiSvcManual
Windows Installer msiserverManual
Windows Management Instrumentation WinmgmtRunningAutomatic
Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service WMPNetworkSvcAutomatic (Delayed Start)
Windows Modules Installer TrustedInstallerManual
Windows Presentation Foundation Font Cache Manual
Windows Remote Management (WS-Management) WinRMManual
Windows SearchWSearchRunningAutomatic (Delayed Start)
Windows Store Service (WSService)WSServiceManual (Trigger Start)
Windows TimeW32TimeManual (Trigger Start)
Windows UpdatewuauservManual (Trigger Start)
WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery ServiceWinHttpAutoProxySvcRunningManual
Wired AutoConfig dot3svcManual
WLAN AutoConfigWlansvcManual
WMI Performance Adapter wmiApSrvManual
Work Folders ServiceworkfolderssvcRunningManual
WWAN AutoConfig WwanSvcManual

Following services: AppReadiness, AppXSvc, vmicguestinterface, smphost, NcbService, WdNisSvc, WEPHOSTSVC, FontCache3.0.0.0, workfolderssvc are new to Windows 8.1. So you will not find these services if you are using Windows 8.

Steps to Restore Default Services in Windows 8.1

1. Click/tap Here to download the .rar file. Unrar the .rar file. You will find all the .reg files for all default services.

2. Tap on the desired .reg file to completely restore the particular default service.

3. If prompted, click on Run and Yes option in UAC dialogue box, Press OK.
You can repeat the above steps for every .reg file you want to restore. After you have restored the file, restart your machine to see the change.


Nick is a Software Engineer. He has interest in gadgets and technical stuffs. If you are facing any problem with your Windows, feel free to ask him.


  1. What if someone disables background intelligence transfer and superfetch, which causes the services application to be unable to run, therefore causing task manager to not open, and random other applications. . How can the services be enabled again?


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