xaml studio

Microsoft has developed an amazing tool for developers which will help them prototype XAML code at an improved speed in real time. Microsoft has product for almost every technology and when it comes to software development, the options are ample. The Visual Studio Code application facilitates a new lightweight flexible IDE which can be further used to develop a plethora of territories such like web applications, GitHub acquisition, script writings, etc. One of the fruitful applications of Visual Studio Code is definitely the Windows Community Toolkit.

According to Microsoft, “XAML Studio also includes a suite of tools to help you develop. Provide Data Context to your UI to fill it with static test data or live data from a JSON REST API. Then use our revolutionary binding debugging to not only see how a back-end data source connects to the front-end UI, but spot where errors are occurring and what the most recent values were.”

The salient features of XAML studio are:

  • Data Context Editor.
  • IntelliSense.
  • Data Context Editor.
  • Documentation Toolbox
  • A live and interactable preview window.
  • Alignment Guides.
  • Live Binding and Debugging.
  • Namespace Helpers.

The new XAML Studio encourages the software developers to prototype the XAML codes at a faster rate in real time and enable them to check their XAML codes and correspond with the outputs as if it is working in a real application.


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