PowerDVD 12, the best Blue-ray player available in the market is now fully compatible with Windows 8 PCs and tablets. You can now enjoy the Ultimate Movie Experience with PowerDVD 12 on your Windows 8 tablets and PCs. PowerDVD 12 was launched on 31st January, 2012. Some new features like the ability to zoom in on video, 2D-to-3D conversion for Blu-ray discs, recorded 3D TV are included in this version.

PowerDVD 12 Windows 8 Support

Though I use VLC for regular video playback, but when watching movies on my computer PoweDVD 12 is my first choice. I really enjoy to use the True Theatre-HD feature to upscale my DVD to neat HD quality, and TT-3D feature to see a standard 2D DVD in 3D is no doubt awesome.

PowerDVD 12

Different versions of PowerDVD 12

There are three different versions of PowerDVD 12 and all of these version are now compatible with Windows 8.

1. Standard :- This version of PowerDVD 12 comes with least features. If you want to get the full movie experience, Standard version is not a good option for you.

i. It can playback all well-known video formats.
ii. The Standard version can play back DVDs.
iii. It can act as a Digital Media Player (DMP) but other DLNA features like DMC,DMR,DMS are missing in this version.
iv. Standard versions supports only up to 5.1 channels audio processing.
v. Supports only 2 channels of AAC audio.

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2. Pro :- It includes all the features of Pro versions and some additional features.

i. Blu-ray playback is available in this version.
ii. 3D and True Theater 3D effects are available for DVDs, video and photo files, YouTube playback.
iii. This version supports 3D UI in Cinema Mode and import of 3D photos and videos into a media library.
iv. PowerDVD Pro supports direct 3D videos and TrueTheater enabled 3D videos upload to YouTube.
v. With feature you can sync contents between your PC and Android devices.
vi. PowerDVD 12 Pro version can act as a Digital Media Server (DMS) with transcoding capabilities.
vii. It supports Dolby Pro Logic IIx, Dolby Virtual Speaker, Dolby Headphone and Dolby Digital EX
viii. Pro version supports up to 5.1 channels of AAC audio.
ix. DivX Pro, CPRM and MK3D support.

3. Ultra :- It is the most featured version of PowerDVD 12. It includes all the features of Standard and Pro versions and has some extra features over these two versions.

i. Ultra version supports up to 7.1 channels of Dolby Digital Plus.

ii. Only Ultra version supports Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD.
iii. It can act as a Digital Media Controller (DMC), Digital Media Renderer (DMR) and has DLNA DTCP-IP DRM support.

iv. VC-1 and S/PDIF Remix features are available only in the Ultra version.

You can buy PowerDVD 12 for your Windows 8 device HERE


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