Plesk Mobile Manager app has been launched for Windows Phone 8.1 and this app is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Those who are well aware of Parallels Plesk server and work with them, this news is for them. This application has a good command and control over the vital functions of the administrator for smartphones. It works on grants of permission and other important work of Parallels Plesk. Check out the features of version 11.0 as stated by Windows official website.

Plesk mobile manager

1. View the list of services on a particular server.
2. View information about a server: OS, CPU, Parallels Plesk version and so on.
3. View vital indicators of a server health: CPU load average, memory consumption, swap usage, etc.
4. Administrators can subscribe to Parallels Plesk events and unsubscribe from them if not required.
5. Parallel Plesk admins can authenticate themselves by a secret key.

6. The app enables you to check Parallels Plesk access and error logs.

7. It can restrict administrative access to Parallels Plesk.
8. Restrict administrative access to Parallels Plesk for a particular IP address from access log.
Other support includes health monitor events, stop and start services on a particular server, restarting a particular server, roll back and retrieve a Parallels Plesk license key.


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