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Linus Torvalds, the stalwart developer of Linux released several important patches for Intel CPU. The patches are usually related to performance states on Linux. Among the several patches, an important fix is the newly discovered Intel Turbo Boos Max (ITMT) issue. This issue prevented the Adler Lake processors from giving their best performance during an overclocked scenario.

The patch also contains fixes for three problems , which ultimately fixes the ITMT issue with the help of Hardware-Controlled P-States (HWP). There are some issues with hibernation as well.

These address three issues in the intel_pstate driver and fix two problems related to hibernation.


– Make intel_pstate work correctly on Ice Lake server systems with out-of-band performance control enabled (Adamos Ttofari).

– Fix EPP handling in intel_pstate during CPU offline and online in the active mode (Rafael Wysocki).

–¬†Make intel_pstate support ITMT on asymmetric systems with overclocking enabled¬†(Srinivas Pandruvada).

– Fix hibernation image saving when using the user space interface based on the snapshot special device file (Evan Green).

– Make the hibernation code release the snapshot block device using the same mode that was used when acquiring it (Thomas Zeitlhofer)

Source: Linux Kernel Git


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