Notepad ++ is a free open source editor. The installer is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. And it weighs a little (up to 5MB). Notepad ++ is a very active community and is available in many languages (including Ukrainian).

In addition, although the program is designed for Windows (where it replaces the standard Notepad), it also runs on Linux, Unix and can be migrated to MacOS X. Notepad ++ is written in C ++ and uses a clean Win32 and STL API that provides faster execution speed and smaller program size.

Professional Plugins for Notepad++ to Install

Notepad ++ is an open-source project. This allows users to contribute to its development:

  • Submit bug reports and query the features you want
  • Participate in patches and develop patches
  • Make online support
  • Translate editor
  • Share plugins, topics, etc.

Notepad ++ contains many standard features. First of all, it supports more than 50 programming languages, scripts, and includes automatic syntax highlighting and code collapsing. Users can also define their own functions.

Notepad ++’s auto-completion of words, functions and function parameters, as well as indentation and highlighting of paired brackets (links) make the encoding process faster and easier. However, you may improve the overall process with the following professional plugins for Notepad++.


This plugin checks spelling errors in a document. Thanks to it, you will be sure that what you wrote in Notepad ++ does not contain grammatical errors, and you can fearlessly share these documents with other people.


The name hints that this plugin is related to JavaScript, and yes! It is advantageous when working with this language.

The plugin has many essential properties:

  • JSON: This viewer will display the selected JSON text in a separate window in the form of a tree.
  • JMIN: This reduces the size of the JavaScript file by removing spaces and comments.
  • JS Format: Used to clear code by removing spaces.

Finger text

This plugin will save you a lot of time because it allows you to use the same block of code many times.

Code alignment

When defining a variable, we use an equal sign. But if you need to declare many variables, putting down this sign can be annoying. The Code Alignment plugin aligns the code and allows us to choose any character for alignment.

Sometimes we need to perform some small tasks, but we have to do it manually since there are no shortcuts for them.

Fortunately, this plugin allows us to define our shortcuts so that you can save time and effort when performing similar tasks. Once you decided to find notepad++ download. this plugin must be first to install instantly.


This plugin is a real lifeline because it automatically saves your code.

The plugin provides various autosave options. For example, you can choose at what time intervals it will be carried out (every 10, 15 minutes, etc.). Thus, even if you forget to save the code and exit the editor, the plugin will still save it, and you won’t have to worry about the loss of the latest changes.


If you write code in Markdown and want to share your experiences with someone, you will have to convert them to HTML before sending, because the recipient may not have a program that reads files in Markdown.

The NPPExport plugin will help you with this, which converts Markdown files to HTML or RTF (Rich Text Format).


If we want to copy the selected code fragment from somewhere and paste it into our code, this can turn out to be a rather tricky task, which involves a lot of difficulties. But not with this plugin. When it is turned on, a window opens on the left side of Notepad ++, which contains the entire history of your copied code. You can easily select the code you want and paste it.


This file allows you to open two files exactly one next to the other, so you can compare them and see how they differ or what they have in common (depending on your needs).

Customize toolbar

This plugin allows you to customize the toolbar by adding, removing, and moving buttons. By default, Notepad ++ cannot customize the toolbar, so this plugin is ideal for this purpose.

Preview HTML

To see the effect of changes made in the code in Notepad ++, you need to go to the browser and refresh the page. With this plugin, you can press Ctrl + Shift + H to trigger a preview. It saves a lot of time and effort. If you don’t like this feature, it is recommended to try notepad++ alternatives online.


This plugin provides an FTP window with which you can manage the files and folders available on the FTP server (hosting).

Auto indent

This plugin is just a godsend for programmers who have problems with an indentation in their code. The plugin supports C / C ++ and PHP. Indentation is significant because it helps improve code readability.


This plugin provides you with many characters from which you can choose. Among them, there are special characters and accents available directly from the keyboard.


With this plugin, you can compile code snippets and execute them. The plugin also gives output after execution.

TextFX Plugin

This plugin helps close tags. It saves you time when working with HTML and XML by automatically closing tags. This improves web development to some extent.


Notepad ++ is one of the best among all the code editors. It has a relatively simple interface, customizable code editor with many useful features that supports many programming languages.



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