Office Lens is now here for iOS and Android. Office Lens was a highly anticipated scanner app that has made its inception with these leading mobile operating systems. Office Lens is a product of Microsoft that lets you scan documents and save them in your Phones for future correspondence. You can take pictures of the content written on a whiteboard during a class or an office presentation. The snapshots can be taken from any direction or any orientation.

Office Lens app arrives for Android and iOS

You can save the document into OneNote or One Drive and access them from any device. This saves you from the fear of misplacing any documents. There is a document section where all your important scanned documents will be saved. Apart from this the most important things that can be scanned by OfficeLens wonderfully are receipts of different goods. When we purchase goods, the receipts we get nowadays cannot hold the ink color for long. After a few days the ink fades away. This becomes a problem during an exchange of goods or services. Office Lens cam capture receipt from any angle, crops it and then straightens it. Finally the picture is correct and converted to a high definition image and converted to pdf.

You can download the app for Android and iOS from Office. Windows Phones have released the app a year ago.


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