The notification center which Microsoft has introduced in the Windows Phone 8.1 smartphones is reportedly coming to the Windows latest update operating system codenamed ‘Windows Threshold’. The latest Microsoft operating system’s preview release is all about to happen on September 30th this year to share it with the developers and tech-enthusiasts as well to pop-in with some new functionality

Windows 9 may have Windows Phone 8.1 Windows like Notification Center

In the later builds of the OS, a notification center will be present somewhat like that of what is present in the Windows Phone 8.1 build of the phone. Currently, the notification center will get launched from the system tray and notifications will be shown in the order in which the different apps trigger events. This means notifications of applications which will trigger at first will be present at the then chronologically will go on. A button has also been provided which allows to remove the notifications one by one or all at once.

The only difference in the notification center of Windows Threshold and Windows 8.1 phone is, in the phone when you drag the notification bar it takes up the entire screen. But in the Threshold, it will be present in a small window in the bottom right corner of the screen. The window is fixed as of now and more the notifications you get, a scroll bar will appear in the window through which you can scroll and view them.

The overall concept of this feature is very elementary as of now since you do not have shortcuts to Settings but it will have more features added to it in the later builds of this OS and once done, it is sure to gain the popularity from the masses.


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