Nokia is preparing for launch of a new mobile, Nokia Lumia Cyan and for that purpose Microsoft has given a minor update of Display system application. The new version adds some improvements although you won’t be able to understand them clearly. But according the description, it improves usability of the application.

Nokia Lumia New Display Update

Display app enhances the screen readability in bright sunlight and reduces screen brightness when Battery saver mode is turned on. It helps you in enjoying fine tune display for your Windows Phone.

Nokia brings new update for Display as a part of the preparation for Nokia Lumia Cyan

The new version is and you can find it in Windows Store. App size is 2 MB and can be updated from Windows Store. The changes incorporated in the app are minor and probably hard to figure out. So if you want to gt the new version, go to Store and check if the latest version of the app is installed in your Windows Phone. Even if the update is being a part of Lumia Cyan, that doesn’t stop you from enjoying the better versions of apps.

Nokia Lumia Display update improves readability in light


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