surface devices in black

In coming weeks, Microsoft is going to hold a huge hardware event in New York city where the company will showcase some new updated versions of its various products. The event , reportedly, is not going to be confined within hardware but definitely hardware will be a prime focus.

The Redmond based tech giant is planning to launch a new color for the Surface Laptop and will choose a classic color for the updated Surface Pro, the Black color with all irs grandeur. A Surface laptop in black color and the uodated Surface Pro in black color will be the latest eye catching products at the event.

The two devices in black with the Microsoft logo in some vibrant contrast color will give a new edge to the look.

Thee website MySmartPrice has displayed a complete black Surface Pro which is emphasising the claim all the more. Now coming to the internal updates, we are not sure what changes will be brought but we genuinely hope for a Type-C connector, LTE with Microsoft Surface Go, LTE with Microsoft Surface Pro, etc.

The authentication of the claims will be confirmed at the upcoming event itself.


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