Have you ever thought about building your own software and applications? There is absolutely no doubt that there is a major market for new software. The Software can be designed for entertainment, protection or even productivity. Truly, the possibilities are endless. As long as you have an idea and plenty of time, you will be able to create an amazing new program that people from all around the world will want to use. And of course, you’ll definitely want to learn more about Windows software development, since Windows is the most popular operating system in the world. Within this guide, you will learn more about developing programs for Windows.

windows software development


If you know anything about software development, you’ll have already familiarized yourself with an SDK. What is it? Well, this is nothing more than a software development kit. It is just a bunch of tools that are designed and bundled together to help developers create software for a specific platform. Microsoft has been generous enough to provide developers from all around the world with access to the Windows 10 SDK. The Windows 10 software development kit is totally free and it is available as an EXE file and an ISO file. So, you will be able to use it on pretty much any computer imaginable.

Just remember that you’ll need a sufficiently powerful computer to get your program coded and ready for public use.

Why Windows?

So, why would anyone want to develop software for the Windows operating system. The answers are plentiful. However, the most notable is the fact that Windows is the most commonly used operating system in the world. If you want to get people to use your program and you want to make as much as possible, it would only be smart to make your application compatible with the Windows operating system. On top of that, Windows is a very versatile program and you’ll have no boundaries when it comes to developing your program.

The C Language

It should be known that the Windows operating system is primarily written in the C, C++ or C# languages. C programming can be very tough at the beginning, but mastering the language will pay off dividends. Since the language is so complicated, some people are better off hiring a custom software development company. Of course, there are numerous benefits associated with learning this language. The C programming language is recognized around the world and almost all programmers need to master this language.

On top of that, C is very versatile and flexible. There is really nothing that you cannot do with it. If you want to program for a career, you definitely need to start by learning the C language.

A Long Road

There is absolutely no doubt that learning to make your own Windows software will be very tough. It is a long road and you’ll need to work hard for many years. First, you’ll need to learn the language. Then, you’ll need to plan into action. While it might seem like a hassle, your time will be well worth it in the long run.


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