With the appearance of Windows 8, the entire globe is all in all unsure about its UI capacities. As vowed, it has parcel of things to give to the entire working framework situation. Well current equipment can run Windows 8 easily yet to experience the best of windows 8 you need to have your PC or notebook furnished.

The most paramount thing about Windows 8 is that it is best experienced utilizing touchscreens. In any case for notebook or a desktop PC, you need to have touch-empowered screen. But unfortunately, touchscreen screen are not yet so normal.Anyhow you can make following changes to make your old PC windows 8 available:

Have a Touch Mouse:

You can purchase Touch mouse, which are ready in the business around Rs. 4000. There are some cheaper forms likewise ready for around Rs. 2500. The aforementioned have general deserted and right buttons yet it has a touch sensor set up of parchment wheel for both vertical and flat scrolling.

You can even utilize motions to swipe between windows rapidly

Needs more RAM:

DDR3 RAM is exceptionally affordable now a day. You can purchase 4 GB RAM for a negligible Rs. 1500. Establishing RAM module is likewise not particularly demanding. You can do it yourself. So get certain modules from your neighborhood store or get a technician to establish Ram modules onto your system.

Purchase big Monitors:

In any event purchase a 22 onch LED screens for best experience. Screens are getting cheaper day by day. You moreover have an extensive variety of decisions to make. You can get a 22 inch LED for insignificant Rs. 7500 odd. There are in addition LCD’s, plasma and what not.

Purchase Touchpads:

Laptops have touchpad inbuilt to experience windows 8, yet for desktop PC, you need to buy Touchpads to uphold signals.

Logitech has satellite rechargeable Touchpad T650. It could be set at whatever location as it has no links joined to it. It could be energized utilizing USB links for a whole month with a solitary revive.

Utilize SSD (solid state drive)

Windows 8 can boot itself particularly quick within few favors. Anyway you can likewise instate SSD to do even speedier reboot. With SSD your machine can head over to rest mode within a second or two.

Overhauling to Windows 8:

Right away, it simply would have done well to update to windows 8. For Windows 7 clients, it is ready for just Rs. 1999 as an uncommon starting award for windows 7 client. You can moreover buy the revamped form from Microsoft’s web space to experience Windows 8.


Nick is a Software Engineer. He has interest in gadgets and technical stuffs. If you are facing any problem with your Windows, feel free to ask him.


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