VPN or virtual private network is becoming a necessity for internet users, because the internet is no more a safe place to share confidential data. VPN adds a mask on your data and tunnels it between your device and the remote server in an enhanced security environment. There are numerous VPN services available in the market, some are free, while some come with hefty price tags. However, it is not that free VPN is bad, but yes, most of the times, free VPN has been found to have loophole in security and certain discrepancies. We have reviewed many VPN services in the past, but this time, we have tried an unconventional VPN service. It is the Mullvad VPN. In the internet, you can read Mullvad review from many popular blogs. In this article, I shall tell you why Mullvad is different?

Why Mullvad is Different From Other VPN Services?

No Email Or Phone Number Required

Mullvad VPN is extra protective about your protection. Mullvad is a Swedish company and the main focus of this VPN service is to preserve the privacy and integrity of users’ identity and data. That is why, it does not ask for email address, phone number, name or any personal information. All you need is to generate an account number. After you generate the account number, you have pay for the subscription, and after that, you get three hours of free use, with a 30-day money back guarantee scheme.

Extremely Strong Security

VPN security

Mullvad connections are encrypted by AES-256 encryption, while the clients are authenticated using RSA-4096 encryption and SHA-384 handshake. OpenVPN connections are refreshed periodically after 1 hour, and it has its own key exchange infrastructure.

Privacy In Payment Method

Since, Mullvad is a paid app, users have to pay a monthly subscription price for availing the services. The company respects privacy and thus allows anonymous payment methods. You do not have to reveal your identity while making payment. While you are making the purchase, you can use your credit card, cryptocurrency like Bitcoins and even cash for selected areas only, and the best part is that, your IP addresses are replaced by Mullvad’s IP address. In this way, your identity remains anonymous.

Does Not Keep Activity Log

As mentioned earlier, the highlight of Mullvad VPN is security and privacy. It does not keep any activity log, which records the activities of its users. Thus, you are completely secured and shielded from any sort of cyber-crime.

Mullvad is supported in a plethora of geographical locations and is supported on all different desktop operating systems. But there are certain limitations of Mullvad VPN Application.

These are written as follows:


No Discount On Yearly Subscription

Mullvad has a monthly subscription of $5 per month, but there is no discount for users, who want to use the application for full one year. The company should include a scheme for bulk order.

Lack of support for Mobile devices

There is no standalone app of Mullvad for either of Android or iOS. For mobile devices, you have to use OpenVPN for Android or OpenVPN for iOS respectively.


Even though the company claims the application to be simple, however it is not so. Besides, the VPN often performs slow.

Overall, Mullvad is an amazing VPN with fast speed and sturdy security.


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