In almost every Web browser, the default location for downloading and saving content from internet is the Downloads Folder. Now, you have the freedom to change the settings and enable the setting that the browser will ask you to choose the download location. However, if you have not done that, then it’s probable that your Downloads folder is cluttered with a wide variety of files and folders. Here, we will show you how to move files from the Download folder to other folders based on file type. This is a python script written by a Reddit user Grigby. You can apply this method to move files on file type basis from any folder to any folder.
different location

Steps to Move Files From Downloads To A Different Location Based On File Type

1. Download the Python vy Reddit user Grigby

2. Now open it with Notepad. You will require to edit three things from the script.

3. The first thing to be edited from the script is the location of the origin folder i.e. the folder from where you want to move folders. For e.g in our case it’s the Downloads Folder. If you want a diferent folder, then replace Downloads.

move_from = "C:\Users\Your User Name\Downloads"

4. Now, you have to set the file type, based on which folder files will be moved. If you want .png files to be moved to Pictures folder, then you can write the syntax as following

move_files += [ [ "png" , "C:\Users\Nick\Pictures" ] ]

5. Now the third thing to be edited. Change ‘Testing = True’ to ‘Testing=False’

6. Now run the script.


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