Think you have a question and you search in the internet, Microsoft has launched a new service of its own. Microsoft has unveiled Bing Distill, a new service for organizing human questions. There were talks about the new service early this year, Microsoft has revealed the first public look. We are expecting for a formal announcement of the Bing Distill service from Microsoft. For the website, we can assume that initially it will be in Beta version.

Join Bing Distill

The description in the site says “Millions ask, you answer”. The word ‘distill’ means “to extract the essential meaning or most important aspects of.” It appears that this could be Microsoft’s answer to Yahoo Answers where anyone can ask questions on the internet and the site gives an answer to their queries. The answers can be reviewed, edited by the community and easily searched to keep the knowledge available for others. This platform will help Bing to improve answers from the users and Microsoft will collect answer from the back end and arrange for the best answer. Based on user feedback it will provide the best answer and it has even the facility to edit own answers and those of the other community members.

The Bing Distill website went live, still it is not open to the public, but those who are interested can go ahead and request for an invite. It is opening up the platform to everyone, provided you get invited. So, how to get an invitation? It’s just simple. You only need to sign up and you will receive an email from the Bing Distill Team saying that your account is ready and you just need to sign in to the to become a part of the community.

Microsoft has previously launched Windows Live QnA which was not being so popular but we hope that Bing Distill will bring a good luck for the Redmond organization.


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