Microsoft has recently launched a group therapy commercial in its YouTube Channel and this time also Apple’s Siri has been at the gun point. Siri is Apple’s artificial intelligent voice assistant service which is suffering a degrading popularity ever since Microsoft’s Cortana has established itself with versatility. To be honest the faith on Cortana became firm and strong from the FIFA 2014 where Cortana made a record of almost all correct predictions from the knock out stage including the Grand Finale. Now that the craze for Cortana is soaring high Microsoft is not leaving a single chance to mock Siri.

The group therapy commercial video shows a counselor with several patients who are frustrated with their relationship with Siri. Siri is failing to meet their expectations and this has led them to severe depression. A new client seems happy because she has switched to Cortana and has been satisfied with the awesome service she is receiving.

However, it is important to know that Apple iOS is still in the second position topped by Android and Windows Phones even though in the third position in smartphone market, is still a long way to come to get into a healthy competition. However Windows Phones are pacing fast and gaining developer support from a greater number of apps.

Source: NokiaUS YouTube channel


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