Microsoft has made an official statement that they have ended support for Windows 10 Mobile. In addition to this, the company also said that it will kill of Office apps for Windows 10 Mobile as well, but a bit later, sometime in January 2021. Now, there is a good news for Windows 10 tablet users. The UWP apps for MS different MS Office software applications are also supported on Windows 10 PC for the time being. Remember, we are talking about the UWP apps, and not MS Office suite that we all have on your PCs. Windows tablets under 10.1 inches will still be receiving the update.

Here is what Microsoft spokesperson said, in a statement:

This announcement applies to their availability on Windows 10 Mobile. Per the Tech Community post, if you already have the apps installed before the end of support date, the apps will continue to work. However, because of the lack of security updates, we strongly recommend that if you wish to use Office on a phone you transition to the latest Microsoft Office apps on an iOS or Android phone.

We will continue to support them for use on Windows tablets under 10.1. However, the best experience for people who want to use Office on a PC is through the desktop apps with an Office 365 subscription, or the web apps which are available for free to consumers at”

Users who are using the Office UWP apps on their Windows 10 Mobile phones can continue to do so, but won’t receive any more update. You cannot download the apps from Windows Store. If you are using the Office UWP apps on your Windows phone, then you can use it with the unsecure version of the phone, even though it is not recommended. The Redmond based tech giant also confirmed, that Ignite 2018 and the Office UWP apps aren’t getting new features anymore


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