Microsoft Research has curved a niche for itself in the field of innovating new things. Microsoft Research as always invigorated new ideas and hence it has always open-sourced many of its blooming technologies. One such open-sourcing has been done with Sora. Microsoft Research has open-sourced Sora on GitHub. Check out more about the new Sora.

Microsoft Research makes Sora open-source on GitHub

The Microsoft Research Software Radio (Sora) is a fully programmable software radio platform based on the commodity multicore CPU in a host PC. With Sora, researchers and engineers can quickly prototype new, high-speed wireless physical and media-access-control layers with a minimum of effort. Microsoft Research Software Radio SDK provides the BRICK model for baseband programming, user mode 802.11a/b/n samples, and a full new debug plot tool. Windows 8 is fully supported.

Sora has been already implemented in as may as 50 research schools and universities and has also earned world-wide accolades and awards. Sora has found its implementation in many research fields which include TV whitespace, large scale MIMO, and distributed MIMO systems among other things. Software radio will is expected to emerge as one of the phenomenal and advanced solution available for this kind of research.

You can download Sora at GitHub


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