Microsoft is soon launching the new Outlook for Windows. At present, the new Outlook is present only for Windows Insiders and Beta Channels. In a blog post, Microsoft shared the preview of the new Outlook. The main aim is to incorporate consistency across Windows operating system and web codebases. Microsoft has included some intelligent features, such as message reminders, new calendar board, etc. These organizes your emails and calendar events in the same view. Users will be able to collaborate with Microsoft Loop components across Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams.

If you are Beta Channel Windows users, then you can find a Try The New Outlook toggle menu located at the top right corner of the classic Outlook application for Windows.

What Is There In The New Outlook For Windows?

Collaboration With Microsoft Loop: As mentioned earlier, users will be able to collaborate with Microsoft Loop components across Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams. The point is  staying in the flow of their work and the app they are using, Outlook or Teams –  Loop components can be copied and pasted across Outlook emails and Teams chats and they always stay in sync so everyone can stay up to date wherever and whenever they work.

Find and attach important documents simply and quickly 

Finding the document you want to attach to a message can be tricky if you don’t remember where you saved it. The new Outlook can help you save time and do this fast. In Outlook you can already @mention someone to add them to an e-mail message and now you will also be able to do the same for @files and @documents as long as they are stored in the cloud. Just @thenameofthefile and Outlook will show you options. 

Intelligent assistance helps you stay on top of what’s important 

If you missed a message that the new Outlook for Windows considers important, it will automatically remind you about it and ask if you need to respond. This message reminder will also be pinned at the top of your inbox until you dismiss it. 

There are a plethora of features, which enriches your experience with Outlook.


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