Microsoft recently launched the Windows Apportals for Windows 8.1. Windows Apportals is an application that is an organization of the latest Line of Business (LOB) applications. The main plus point of this app will be its touch friendly modern interface. The concept of Apportals is simple just like the folder concept but in a more advanced platform. Moreover Windows Apportals support any application that is compatible to function in Windows platform along with the legacy Desktop Windows 7 Applications as well as Modern Windows 8 Applications. Since customers use different apps from different vendors, integrating all the apps under a single roof will increase the flexibility and ease of work.

Microsoft launches Windows Apportals for Windows 8.1

Windows Apportals implements Active Directory service. It provides access to both tile grids and back end data sources depending on the type of work. According to Microsoft, “Built on Windows 8.1, Apportals are powered by OS-level interoperability, with no fragile API calls to impact stability. They provide virtually anywhere, anytime access on Windows 8.1 devices – including all native touch, auto snap, and security features. Organizations want to use the flexibility of the Windows 8.1 OS to create a UI-based virtual integration, and continue to gain value from existing legacy technology investments. Windows Apportals are the solution to this need.”

Martin Wolfram, President, Inviso said,” Customers get excited when they see Windows Apportals, they say it’s the future. As a Microsoft partner, we are very customer focused. This new innovation has given us the opportunity to work with our customers to understand a broader set of their business needs, and then customize and deliver end-to-end services that meet those needs. The design and architecture lend themselves to easy re-use of code, which makes Windows Apportals an incredibly profitable line of business for us. Customers see a lot of value in Apportals, so for us, Windows Apportals are game changer.”


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