Microsoft Launcher has been received well by users because the company genuinely invests a lot of time and energy in delivering a superb launcher experience. The company started testing the Microsoft Launcher 5.1 for over one full month with beta users. Finally, the new version of Microsoft Launcher is here available to the general public. This is a significant update and probably the last one for 2018. Track your screen time, app usage and phone unlocks with the new screen time card.

A plethora of new changes has been introduced in Microsoft Launcher version 5.1. These include an exclusive integration of Sticky Notes with Note Cards. This integration is compatible with Outlook, Skype and Microsoft To Do. Besides, the new launcher also allows you to check your screen time, app usage with screen time cards. This feature not only keeps track of your activity, but also helps you to manage time. The Launcher has also included the Cortana Voice activation service.

Now, check out the features as stated by Microsoft:

  • Track your screen time, app usage and phone unlock with the new screen time card
  • To Do card now shows tasks from apps like Microsoft To Do, Outlook and Skype
  • Note card now shows your Notes from Sticky Notes on Windows, Outlook and OneNote mobile
  • Cortana now has an updated card with commute/traffic
  • “Hey Cortana” as a beta feature of the en-us market
  • Cortana support in the es-ES market
  • Bing mini-answers show you quick answers for stocks and currency

Microsoft Launcher helps you get a cool user interface on your mobile device and also enables you to connect your smartphone with your Windows desktop.


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