Microsoft is envisioning to integrate Bing with Windows and plans to make it emerge as a service and mot just a product. This concept was given by Nadella when analyst suggested him to sale off Bing. Now a new feature has been incorporated. Skype will be integrated into Office Online. Microsoft is planning to focus in making all the services deeply integrated to one another. So now, not only with Office Online, Skype will be integrated to

Microsoft integrates Skype with Office Online

All you need is a Skype ID as recommended and integrate it to your Microsoft account for the best experience too. Here’s what Microsoft posted the following on their blog earlier today:

Skype for Office Online makes collaborating a breeze. The chat experience is available right next to the document, enabling you to chat in and edit in real-time with other authors. Speed up and simplify document editing with quick Skype group chats instead of long e-mail threads. Keep track of which co-authors are online as well as messages you might have missed.


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