Microsoft has been bolstering the improvement of interoperability of Edge Browser. For leveraging the interoperability, Microsoft Edge team needs to make data driven decisions which will not be possible without knowing how different web browsing system works. A comparison between the different core global functions, namespaces, objects, and interfaces are important. Since data review has become extremely important, the Edge team needed to find out an easier way to review data.

Microsoft developing Edge Browser interoperability with new API Catalog Tool

This made them develop a new tool called the API Catalog Tool. According to Microsoft, “The API Catalog is a tool to visualize and analyze the API overlap between standards specifications and type systems within browsers.” The API catalog has now been made public for convenience. The API Catalog Tool is of two types- visualization and Table view. The visualization catalog is a high level visualization of the browser and specification landscape in the form of an interactive Venn diagram. it allows developers to compare any three data sets to generate a graphical representation of both intersecting and unique APIs.

Now comes the Table API Catalog. The Table API provides full list of known APIs that are either defined in a specification crawled or detected in the type system of a browser. This type of Catalog API enables search and filter to examine specific subsets of APIs.
Edge Team has also intended to remove the locked-gate proprietary shackles that used to be a barrier for Internet Explorer. As Microsoft saus, the basic building blog has been laid for increasing the interoperability now, the dots are yet to be joined.


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