If you use MS Outlook software then you can induce delay of a number of minutes before sending emails. If you have sent a mail and remembered that you have forgotten to attach an important file, you have no option other than resending. But if a delay of 1 or 2 minute is incorporated then there will be a gap between the time you send the mail and the time the mail will be actually sent. Within this time gap, you can change the mail or attach anything you have forgotten.

Steps To Induce Delay Before Sending Emails In MS Outlook

1. Open MS Outlook. Go to Home. Now find out Rules and then click on the drop down arrow and open Manage Rules & Alerts button.

Manage rules and alerts

2. Next, under Email rules, click New Rule.

New Rule

3. As the ‘Rules Wizard’ screen opens, go to the ‘Start from a blank rule’ section. Click ‘Apply rule on messages I send’. Click Next.

blank rule

4. Again click Next. A warning will pop up. Ignore it.


5. Now check the option Defer delivery by a number of minutes.


7. Now click on the underlined number of minutes. Now set the number of minutes of delay you want to induce.

delay minutes

8. Now click finish to save the changes.


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