China is always skeptical with foreign company products and has banned a lot of technology companies from pushing their companies. China government has their own version of operating systems, anti virus, Office and almost every software. China being the largest growing economy is a lucrative place for business corporations and many companies have agreed to comply with the rules of China government and Microsoft has done exactly the same.

Microsoft developed a special government-approved version of Windows 10 for China

The Redmond based Corporate giant has developed and built Windows 10 exclusively by China and the special version has been approved by China government. Microsoft has partnered with a state based defense company called CETC and the special version of Windows 10, launched for Chin is officially named Zhuangongban.

Zhuangongban will not have all the live apps that Windows 10 provides in other countries but the operating system will offer some additional features. the additional features will mostly revolve round ameliorating the device management and security controls.


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