Microsoft and Halliburton have entered into a high strategic collaboration to improve the Oil and gas Industry. The new partnership aims at implementing digital transformation across the oil and gas industry. The project is going to be a beautiful blend of Halliburton’s scientific services with the top-notch cloud and digital services of the Redmond based tech giant.  As Microsoft says, the duo will try to boost and leverage Microsoft technologies in machine learning, augmented reality (AR), user interactions and Industrial Internet of Things, along with Azure’s high-performant infrastructure and built-in computing capabilities.



Microsoft said:

Areas of collaboration include applying deep learning to reservoir characterization, modeling and simulation, building domain-specific visualization for mixed reality, creating highly interactive applications, and fueling the digitalization of E&P assets. As a first step in the alliance, Halliburton has made DecisionSpace 365 available on Azure, enabling real-time data streaming from IoT edge devices in oilfields and the ability to apply deep-learning models to optimize drilling and production to lower costs for customers.

Since Halliburton is planning to incorporate cloud service in its infrastructure, the company has chosen Azure as its official public cloud provider for iEnergy. Microsoft is also trying to integrate voice recognition and image recognition, AR , Virtual Reality and Video Processing. The integration aims to create a digital representation using  HoloLens and Surface devices.  Azure’s DecisionSpace will enable predictive deep-learning algorithms. These algorithms will optimize field assets and enable next-generation exploration and deep-earth models by using software to fill gaps in sensor data, while reducing the number of steps and time required to render models, they said.



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