In today’s world, the internet has become more of a necessity. Through the internet, people can connect, communicate, do business, pass news, and even work. One of the things that are needed to achieve an internet connection is a router. A Wi-Fi router allows you to connect remotely to the internet.

You need to consider a few factors before buying a Wi-Fi router. Among the factors to consider is the brand of the router. A router from a recognized brand will work efficiently without failing. Plus, you can always be sure that the manufacturer will give you a refund or replacement if you have an issue with the device.

You might have heard about the Mesh Routers and how people have mixed thoughts about the brand. But the question is, are the Mesh Wi-Fi routers good enough? Should you buy them? We will be discussing that in this article, so let’s get started.

About Mesh Routers

Generally, Mesh routers are designed for home Wi-Fi networks, and they are even used in places that require a highly secure network. Mesh routers help to eliminate the dead zones in a Wi-Fi connection.

You probably already know that a router will rout the internet traffic between a connected modem and Wi-Fi enabled gadgets like phones, tablets, and computers.  However, most traditional routers will have a signal limit in terms of the reach. If you have a large building with multiple floors, some areas will have dead zones. There won’t be a connection in those areas.

But, Mesh routers help to eliminate the dead zones and ensure that there is enough connection whenever it is needed. Instead of broadcasting the Wi-Fi signals from a single point, the Mesh routers will have multiple access points.

There will be one point that will connect to the modem and ac as a router. On the other hand, other access points that are also called satellites will capture the signal from the virtual router (access point) and rebroadcast it.

In this case, there won’t be any dead zones around the building.

Features of Mesh Routers

Any Meshforce review will indicate that these devices are developed to eliminate the dead zones experienced with most standard routers.

Besides that, there are specific aspects that make the Mesh Routers stand out of other routers out there. Here is a look at some of the top features of a Mesh Router.

  1. Easy Network Management

One thing to love about the Mesh routers is that they offer the chance to manage the network effortlessly. They offer easy network access that other traditional routers don’t. Most of the Mesh Router systems are automated. In this case, they grant you easy management of the network through a mobile app. Even when you are not at home or where the router is, you can easily manage the network remotely. 

With the Mesh Router mobile app, you can do a quick scan to calculate the current speed, create guest networks, disconnect the WiFi access to specific networks, test the quality between connection points, and also connect the router to the smart home gadgets and devices. Even though some traditional routers come with these features, the main difference is that you will have to be connected to the local network. In other words, you cannot manage the network remotely.

Plus, they can only be done so from a computer. That’s where the Mesh Routers take the lead.

  • Tight Security

Who doesn’t like a highly secure internet connection? Most of the cybercrimes out there are done via a WiFi connection. When using a public WiFi connection, you are at a higher chance of being a fraud victim.

Since Mesh Routers give you easy management privileges, you can also enjoy good security support. Most of the Mesh Routers will assure you of tight security with the network. This easy network management allows you to detect any possible hack. Plus, the system will automatically check for and install firmware updates to keep your network safe enough.

Some Mesh Routers will screen out all the malicious websites and block them in advance. This helps to keep you secure and prevent any possible hack.

  • Streamlined Connections

You might have heard about the range extenders used with the standard routers. The range extenders are devices that are used to repeat the signal so that people can access the WiFi from long distances. Nonetheless, most of the range extender will require you to create a different network with a new name. In other words, you may be required to switch the connections so that you can access the network from the main router. This might also have to be done manually, which can be tedious.

Conversely, the mesh router systems won’t need you to change the networks constantly. Even if you move from one room to another, you won’t be needed to reconnect to a different network. Instead, you will be in the same connection as you move away from the main router. All the access points broadcast the same signal, hence giving you an easy time when accessing the internet from a distant.

Well, you need to know that these Mesh routers don’t come at a cheap price. You will need to spend a few hundreds of dollars for you to get a mesh router. Some mesh routers will cost you over $500 if you include the add-on satellites. Luckily, you will be getting good services and a secure network altogether.

Should You Get a Mesh-Router System?

Now the underlining question; should you buy one of these routers? Well, that depends on your priorities and what you will be getting in return. If you live in a large house with multiple floors and walls, or you own a big building of such a description, you will need to have a reliable connection. You won’t want to have dead zones in specific rooms of the house. Also, if you have some smart-home devices in the house, you will want to manage it remotely without any problem. A mesh router would perfectly help you with that. However, if you live in a small house or apartment, a mesh router may not be your ideal choice.

If you will be getting a mesh wireless system for your home, you must ensure that you make the right choice. Here is a guide to help you find the perfect mesh wireless system for your home.



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