Online transactions have definitely made our lives easier with the 24/7 accessibility anywhere and everywhere. But with this technology bliss, comes a great risk; the constant worry and fear that our information can be compromised. The least we can do, to put our anxious minds at ease, is taking some measures to make our online transactions safe and secure. This article will offer tips and tricks on how to secure your online transactions if you are a Windows user.

Secured OS And A Secured Connection

If you are using windows, or any other OS, you need to make sure that it’s you are using the latest version out there before even worrying about your transactions. It’s strictly advised to only use your personal computer or laptop when doing any online transaction or even accessing your personal email. Hackers see unsecured connections as their golden chances. You need to steer away from using any unprotected hotspot or any public Wi-Fi access.

Don’t Underestimate the Antivirus

Antiviruses have been updated to provide protection hat suits the way online banking and shopping work. Installing the latest version of a good antivirus will ensure you security against remote screenshot access to protect you from some accessing your desktop. It will protect your passwords while surfing the internet. Some antiviruses have a bank mode to be activated so it protects you from any spying eyes. Bank mode turns your desktop session into a somehow safe room that no one can access.

Safe Browser

Private Mode is also a big security measure that you can go for in whichever browser that you are using. One great thing about the private mode is how the cache resets every time you close the window you are using. It’s also important to always log out and to never save your passwords while you are doing any transaction that involve your bank details. Your antivirus might have an anti-phishing feature to protect your browser, some even have a rating system to rate the safety of each website you visit and warn you about unsafe websites. Or you can install some extensions to protect you from malware and ads that could compromise your security.

Trusted Online Transaction Portals

After you have also made sure that you are using the latest update of your preferred browser, it’s time to make sure of the websites you are going to use. If you are doing a money transfer transaction, it’s 100% necessary to make sure that the URL starts with https:// instead of http:// like it normally would. You can also ensure the security of the website you are using by looking for the lock icon before https:// to make sure that your connection is encrypted.

To Sum Up

Not to sound over paranoid, however, cybercriminals are real and they are lurking in every corner around the internet waiting to seize opportunities to steal your information. By following the simple and quick tips we have presented in this article, you could be securing your bank details and yourself from getting robbed. While there is no guarantee that you will be 100% safe from cyber-attacks, it’s always important to do your part in protecting your information and to make it harder for hackers. You can always go the extra mile by choosing a really strong password that you frequently change every month. Or you can go for two-factor authentication to verify your identity by the email of your mobile number just to be extra careful.


Nick is a Software Engineer. He has interest in gadgets and technical stuffs. If you are facing any problem with your Windows, feel free to ask him.


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