Minecraft is a very popular game and here’s a new app that might add a new zing to your old favorite game. The new MC Skin editor is a new Windows Phone app that can make new skins for Minecraft game. The most interesting thing about this app is that you can design you own MC Skin, then set them as your Minecraft skin and play in your Pocket Edition or the full-fledged version of the game.

MC Skin Editor App to customize Minecraft skins on your own

This app is exclusively for Windows Phones. If you want to make the skin of the game similar to that of your favorite game, you can. Once you make it, the file can be stored as PNG file on OneDrive. You can share it with your friends also. Let’s have a quick look at the important features.

The features that will be provided by MC Skin editor are as follows:

1. You can design your own Minecraft skins using the app.

2. Preview skins on 3D interactive model.

3. Make you own MC Skins and load your creations to Minecraft.

4. You can customize your own favorite skins and then store your skins on OneDrive as PNG files.

5. Fixed uploading skins to Minecraft.

The app is supported by both Windows Phone and Windows Phone 8.1. The download link is given below:

MC Skin Editor


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