Microsoft India made an announcement for Lumia users that Lumia 520 has received the Denim Update and soon more Lumia devices will start getting the updates and Microsoft will complete giving updates to all Lumia devices by the end of this month. In context to this, I would like to mention that the Denim Update came in the news in September 2014 when Microsoft announced about this new update for Windows Phones. But in reality not much devices could make it with the update and by Christmas 2014 only few Lumia devices had the update. The impatient users were going on posting tweets to Microsoft and asking them about the possible date of release. You can check the article from our previous article.

More Lumia devices receiving Denim update after Microsoft India's announcement

Now finally Denim Update is making its way for more Lumia devices in India. We expect Microsoft will keep its word this time. The new devices which have been added to the Lumia Denim list are he Lumia 525, Lumia 535 Dual SIM, Lumia 620 and Lumia 720. This is not the end as a long range of models are still in the waiting list. But it seems Microsoft has paced up pretty good. Microsoft’s lag for this update is plausibly because of its focus on Windows 19 Technical preview for phones. Let’s see how the Redmond based tech titan manage both sides.


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