The Lumia Denim update is the latest firmware update for Lumia series of smartphones along with the software update with the latest Windows Phone 8.1. The Denim update was first announced by Microsoft last year around September. Microsoft promised that they would roll the update for as many devices as possible by Christmas. But a week before Christmas only a handful of devices received the update. Microsoft started working faster so that they can bring the update as soon as possible.

Lumia Denim update available: Check if your Lumia device can receive it

Now Microsoft updates its website and announced that the Lumia Denim update has rolled globally. You can check if your Lumia devices will be eligible for the update. It is to inform you that the availability of the update might vary based on location carrier and some other factors. North America will be receiving the update with Verizon topping the list. Verizon has started updating the Lumia 832 and Lumia 928. A1 in Austria and Vodafone in UK will receive the Denim update for several variants of Lumia 520 and Lumia 930 respectively.

Check if your device is receiving the Lumia Denim update from Microsoft’s software update page.

Some devices like Lumia 810 will note be updated and T Mobile has also dropped support for the device. Check out if your device is among the enlisted devices. If your device is enlisted to receive the update and you are not getting it then it might take some time. Till then check this video of Lumia Denim Update.


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