LockMix is an impressive software that lets you enter into a world of customization and organization of your lock screen. This lock screen app is gaining popularity day by day in the Windows Store. In this app, numerous widgets can be pinned to the lock screen, and the lock screen is turned to a grid where multiple tiles are pinned. This feature is just similar to the Start Screen tiles. The widgets can be moved, resized and customized and these widgets are updated from time to time.

The LockMix app, as the name says provides a mixture or blend of different configurations that saves space and gives an ambience of Start Screen even in Windows Phone 8. Some common information that are available are RSS, map, currency, weather, Bing Images, appointments, battery meter, Calender, Countdown Timer, Exchange Rates, Phone Owner information, Business Card and some fun apps like Chuck Norris facts and quotations from famous persons.

LockMix- impressively customizing Windows Phone 8 Lock Screen

There is also a large number of settings for background like Bing Image of the day, which is similar to the Bing Desktop, color filling, fonts and many more. When you first download the app and install it, you will be navigated through a number of user friendly tutorials which will give you a clear idea on how to use the app. The app has received positive response worldwide and is absolutely free of cost. So don’t forget to try.


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