Instagram is nothing new to smartphone users and Instagram lovers keep on taking snaps ans Instagram them with different tags. To many people Instagram is not just a photo app but a part and parcel of life. So when the importance of the application is this much, it was surprising that Instagram Beta for Windows Phone lacked a major feature. The feature is the lock screen support.

Lock screen support added in Instagram for Windows Phone 8

Few months ago Instagram for Windows Phone was launched, in November 2013 and unlike most of Windows Phone photo apps, it could not support lock screen. The last but two updates only addressed bug fixes and no progress on bringing this feature was evident.

After a series of intermittent updates, Instagram for Windows Phone added this real good feature. Now you can see your Lock screen being crowded with your own favorite selfies, snaps from your birthday party and so on.
The Lock screen collects a variety of photos from either your home (friends) feed or your feed. The home feed will show the newer photos from everyone you follow on Instagram. While the other feed focuses on the photos and highlight them. So better late than never is all it can be said. We expected this feature ti be included from the very first time considering Windows being the third biggest mobile ecosystem. You can install version 0.4 of Instagram Beta from the Windows Phone Store for free.


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