Microsoft Edge is a versatile web browser, mainly designed for Windows operating system. But it also works smooth for macOS. Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts, which may be helpful for you while using Edge browser on Mac

Press this keyTo do this
Command + Shift + BShow or hide the favorites bar
Command + Shift + COpen Developer tools
Command + DSave your current tab as a favorite
Command + Shift + DSave all open tabs as favorites in a new folder
Command + FFind on page
Command + Ctrl + FTurn full-screen mode on or off
Command + Option + FSearch the web
Command + GJump to the next match to your Find Bar search
Command + Shift + GJump to the previous match to your Find Bar search
Command + Shift + HOpen your home page in the current tab
Command + Option + JOpen the JavaScript Console
Command + LSelect the URL in the address bar to edit
Command + Option + LOpen Downloads in a new tab
Ctrl + MToggle tab mute on and off
Command + MMinimize window
Command + Option + MMinimize all windows of the front app
Command + Shift + MLog in a different user or browse as a guest
Command + NOpen a new window
Command + Shift + NOpen a new window in InPrivate mode
Command + OOpen a file from your computer in Edge
Command + PPrint the current tab
Command + QQuit
Command + RReload the current tab
Command + Shift + RReload the current tab, ignoring cached content
Command + SSave the current tab
Command + TOpen a new tab, and switch to it
Command + Shift + TReopen the last closed tab, and switch to it
Command + Shift + UStart or stop Read Aloud
Command + Shift + VPaste format free text
Command + WClose the current tab
Command + Shift + WClose the current window
Command + YOpen History in a new tab
Command + 0 (zero)Reset zoom level
Command + 1,2,…8Switch to a specific tab
Command + 9Switch to the last tab
Command + Left arrowMove cursor to the beginning of first word in the same line
Command + Right arrowMove cursor to the end of last word in the same line
Command + DeleteDelete the entire text field / entire line of text
Command + ReturnSearch the typed query in new tab
Command + Shift + DeleteOpen clear browsing data options
Command + Plus (+)Zoom in
Command + Minus (-)Zoom out
Ctrl + \ (in a PDF)Toggle PDF between fit to page / fit to width
Ctrl + [ (in a PDF)Rotate PDF counter-clockwise 90*
Ctrl + ] (in a PDF)Rotate PDF clockwise 90*
Command + [Navigate backward
Command + ]Navigate forward
Ctrl + Fn + Down arrowSwitch to the next tab
Ctrl + Fn + Up arrowSwitch to the previous tab
F9Enter or exit Immersive Reader
F12Open Developer Tools (toggle)
ESC (in full-screen mode)Exit full-screen mode
ESCStop loading page; close dialog or pop-up
SpaceScroll down webpage, one screen at a time
Shift + SpaceScroll up webpage, one screen at a time
TabMove to the next control
Shift + TabMove to the previous control
Ctrl + TabGo to the next tab
Shift + Ctrl + TabGo to the previous tab


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