How To Tame A Horse In Minecraft?

Minecraft is a very entertaining yet simple sandbox game, which has fans across the globe. The main objective of Minecraft player is to set their goal and explore the world. Players can make bases, gather materials, craft items and so on. Another crucial part of Minecraft game is mobs. Mobs are living creatures, which wanders around the Minecraft world.

Horses are very useful mobs in Minecraft. Horses appear in 35 different types. The functionality of all the horses is same, the difference is only in their ethnicity. Horses are required to take you over long distances in Minecraft. They are easy to tame, but you need to remember a lot of things before you try to tame a horse in Minecraft.

Collect Saddle

Before you start looking for horses, you must collect saddle. You will need to craft a saddle on the horse. But remember, while you are trying to tame a horse, you must not have anything in your hand, for e.g. seeds. Unlike parrots who are tamed with seeds, horses will neigh and reject to be tamed if offered seeds while taming. So, collect saddle but don’t use it while taming a horse. There are two ways to get saddle for your horse. You can find it in normal dungeons, or in a Nether Fortress. Saddles are not rare items, so it won’t be a hard task looking for saddles. You can also find saddle while fishing, may be someone else threw it into the water.

Where to find horses in Minecraft?

Horses spawn in varied locations, depending on your biome and Minecraft seed. Minecraft horses can be found either in the Plains or Savannah biomes. Horses comes in groups from 2 to 6. Horses are harmless and do not attack back the player. However, the player can attack and kill a horse for some XPs and leather.

How To Tame A Horse in Minecraft?

Make sure you have a saddle in your inventory. Now start taming a horse empty ended. There should not be any weapon in your hand or any other item. Put away any such things. You need to climb the horse and mount on it. The horse may drop you down several times. For climbing horse, you have to right click on the horse and click the mount button. This option may vary from one edition to the other. Whether you can mount a horse or not is based on some complex probability algorithms and random numbers.

After you finally tame the horse and mount on it, you need to open your inventory and put the saddle on the horse. Now, you can ride your horse.

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