LG was rumored to roll out a new Windows Phone but for long nothing came out from LG’s bag. Now finally a Windows Phone has been revealed and the first look was seen at Neowin’s website. The Windows Phone seems to look like an average mid range phone. From the news channel report, the image available shows virtual buttons at the bottom of the phone. In general, it has been observed that low end Windows Phones have virtual buttons at the bottom of the screen. But again we have HTC One which has virtual buttons despite of being a high end device. So we still have hope!

LG to launch a new Windows Phone for Verizon

No detailed information about specification was fetched. But the image shows the Verizon icon, which means Verizon will be selling the phone. Other than this, it can be assumed that the phone will support LTE connectivity. The Windows Phone might have a display size of 4.5 inch to 5 inch. The image had the word Lancet in the filename, we are not sure if this is the name of the phone or it could be a placeholder. Let’s see what LG has in store for us.


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