After the scandalous incident of Lenovo shipping laptops with pre-installed severe adware SuperFish, the company took its stand and released the Automatic removal tool for Superfish. Superfish was found to be deleterious by researchers. According to researchers, Superfish had the ability to unlock the certificate authority and bypass the computer’s web encryption. If a person gets password and a suitable software and on the same Wi-Fi network, he could potentially spy on that user, or insert malware into the data stream. Running the auto removal tool will immediately remove Superfish files from the Lenovo laptops.

Lenovo releases Automatic Removal tool for Superfish

Yesterday it was reported that Lenovo shipped several laptops which had the dangerous Superfish pre-installed in them. The Superfish adwares get access to the webpages using the Windows root key and can track any password or confidential credentials being typed by users. Lenovo’s fame was at stalk as the program could led to a catastrophe for users privacy and property. Initially Lenovo was trying to cover itself by stating no such Superfish program exists on their machines. This led to more criticism. Since the adware was making use of the Windows root key, Microsoft stepped forward and immediately launched an update for Windows defender which could potentially kill all Superfish programs.

Later on, Lenovo gave some instructions to users on how to get rid of the Superfish manually. However naturally, not all users have been able to do it successfully. Hence finally Lenovo had to release Superfish Auto Removal tools so that the harmful adware is removed automatically without any hazard caused to users.


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