Some leaked screenshots of Windows 10 Build 10036 have started circulating in the internet. These leaked screen shots have something extremely uncanny and it’s the absence of the Spartan Browser from the Build 10036. Since, the release of Windows 10 Technical Preview, Microsoft had been very prompt in launching the Builds. So, we did not need to rely on leaked images and builds. Windows 10 has promised to bring a massive upgrade in its web browser, the Spartan Web browser. The web Browser is going to set a milestone but this leaked image shows no sign of Spartan Browser.

Leaked Screenshots of Windows 10 build 10036 show no Spartan browser

The build shows many new features like the transparent Start Menu, new Logon UI ane IE 11 but no Spartan browser. The leaked images show that Build 10036 belongs to the fbl_impressive branch of builds. These branches are meant for the Insiders. So it seems, developers have made a severe bug which removed the much awaited web browser.

Spartan Browser is the outcome of Project Spartan, a project of Microsoft which is aiming to rebuild the concept of a Web browser. In today’s world, internet are the biggest platform for human interaction. Be it a social networking site or a blog. So, the Redmond giant planned to bring this idea within a web browser too to make browsing more interactive. So Spartan browser supports interactive browsing which means a user will be able to mark on a webpage share with friends via social networks. So the idea here is to focus more on a particular content than on the entire webpage. Many more features will be revealed soon but the disappointing leaked images showed no Spartan web browser. If developers are yet to sort out this bug, then we think, the build might come later than expected.

Source and Image: WZor.Net


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