The latest AdDuplex Windows Phone Statistics Report for August 2014 reveals some interesting facts. AdDuplex has a widespread advertisement network with 4496 apps that help us to understand how the total share for Windows Phones are divided among different OS versions. We have plotted a Pie chart from the report of AdDuplex Windows Phone Statistics Report and you can see that Windows Phone 8 has the maximum share of 56.5 % followed by Windows Phone 8.1 with 24.4% share and Windows with 19.2 % share. Even though the market share of Windows Phone 8.1 has increased compared to past reports, but the majority preference is still for Windows Phone 8.

Latest AdDuplex Windows Phone Statistics Report reveals amazing facts

Sale of Windows Phone 8.1 sprang upon greatly after the inception of the digital voice assistant service Cortana in it. The new feature has hugely supported the growing market of Windows Phone 8.1. But the surprising part of the statistics is that still now, a considerable population uses Windows z and Windows 7.x phones,

1. Lumia 630 is gradually ascending the top 10 list in many smartphone markets. Lumia 630 beat Lumia 820 and made a firm position for itself at #8.

2. Lumia 930 jumped from 31 to 28th position .

3. According to records of AdDuplex, other model specific phone share includes 30.2% NOKIA Lumia 520
7.0% NOKIA Lumia 625
6.3% NOKIA Lumia 920
5.7% NOKIA Lumia 710
4.8% NOKIA Lumia 620
4.6% NOKIA Lumia 720
3.9% NOKIA Lumia 521
3.7% NOKIA Lumia 800
3.5% NOKIA Lumia 630
3.4% NOKIA Lumia 925
26.8% Other

The report is varied and amusing in the sense that it clearly shows many users are still clung to some old obsolete Windows Phone 7 models which have not received any update since along time. The data analysed here is solely dependent on the usage. AdDuplex collects data from 4,496 Windows Phone apps running AdDuplex SDK v.2. The raw data analyzed on August 25th, 2014 (UTC time) unless otherwise stated.

Source: AdDuplex


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