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Data is an indispensable and an important part of our life. Be it the most important software applications, and database of a company, or photos and videos of our friends’ wedding, every data has its own importance. As data has become important, data recovery has gained its importance equally. There are several data recovery software to recover lost data from your desktop, from your Android and iPhones. Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery is an amazing recovery software application for iPhones. In this article, we are reviewing the Windows version of the software. Why Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery is recommended to users? There are a number of reasons and we are getting them down in the following lines.

Efficient Handling of Critical Data Loss Situations

The main function of a recovery software application like this is to recover data from a smartphone or a computer, when the data become completely inaccessible owing to corrupted or damaged storage media. If your iPhone has encountered some severe damage that has made its data inaccessible, Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery software can do wonders. It can retrieve information from your phone under critical situations such as system crash due to improper handling, virus attack, factory reset, backup synchronization failed, etc. It can also work on stolen or lost devices, devices which have been locked or failed jailbreaking, iPhone stuck at Apple logo, etc. All these situations are critical scenarios of data loss for iOS devices. Usually, a device loses access to its data due to two different types of damage, The first one is the physical damage, such as phone broken, any hardware suffered physical damage. The second type of damage is the logical damage which refrains the device from getting mounted by the host operating system. For iPhones, it is definitely the iOS operating system.For the first damage, this software won’t be able to recover data, but if the damage is logical, Joyoshare or any other data recovery software can work and rescue your valuable data.

Holistic Recovery Approach That Recovers More Than 20 File Types

Joyoshare iPhone Data recovery can recover a plethora of file types which include text files such as messages, message attachments, call logs, call details, call history, voice mail, etc. It can also revive messages from social media messengers such as messages and media files from WhatsApp, KiK, Viber, etc. During data loss photos are one of the data files that we care the most. Joyoshare iPhone Data can recover iPhone photos on Windows from Camera Roll, Photo Stream, App Photos & Videos. Other file types which can be rescued are voice memos, safari bookmark, notes, reminders, calendar memoirs, etc.

User Friendly Data Recovery process

Joyoshare deploys a user friendly data recovery process that summarizes the entire recovery process into three simple steps.

The first step is installing the Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery Software for Windows and connect the iOS device with your Windows PC.
joyoshare connect phone with computer

The second step is choosing the recovery mode and initiate scanning. You can also specify which file types do you want to recover.

scan files joyoshare
Finally, when the scan result is ready, you can preview the files that have been unfolded and found by the application. Choose the files that you want to keep and hit Recover.

joyoshare recover

Supports All Models of iOS devices

The software is extremely versatile and supports all models of iOS devices, including iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. It also retrieves data from all models of iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and also that of iCloud and iTunes.

That’s all about this software. It is indeed one the of the best iPhone data recovery software and a great combination of simplicity and versatility.


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  1. I’ve used this Joyoshare iPhone data recovery software, really easy to use and the most important is that it helps me recover all my missing contacts successfully. Great tool!


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