Disney+ is an official Disney streaming service that will keep your device safe from viruses. However, it is not safe for children to avail of streaming services without the supervision of their respective guardians. The Simpsons are a part of the Disney family and their target audience is teenagers and adults, it seems like The Simpsons are tamer than Family Guy. In addition to this, no Disney+ content comes to my mind that might need supervision other than say the Marvel movies. This is why we suggest kids must watch under the supervision of their parents/guardians. 

To get a maximum number of subscribers and become the best streaming service in town, Disney ensures that it provides an exceptional experience to its customers. Moreover, there are various binge-worthy original shows such as The Mandolorian, interesting documentaries like The Imagineering Story to begin with, and a wide number of Disney movies which include Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Beauty, and the Beast, etc. And it would not harm any of your devices if you’re using this service through credible channels.

What is different when people think of being “safe” while watching TV shows and movies or Disney Plus or any streaming service? Well, unlike our conventional cable TV or satellite TV connections that are physically connected with your TV screens through modems/wires or whatsoever. Streaming services are online, as the name suggests it as well, you go to the website or app, sign up for the service by registering your email and whatever additional information that will ask you to subscribe for trial-leading-to full-time services. That’s all you have to do, to get the streaming services through your phone, laptop or TV screen. Good news for cable TV customers, especially mediacom cable that they can access their services through the TV apps on their phones – even when they step out of their houses. 

Now, why safety? Some people ask this question out of curiosity before signing up or exploring the content, some people share their services with kids, while some think the service might be tracing their other activities or any other information from their system or internet. As far as keeping a track of your information is concerned, no, streaming services don’t do that. However, in order to make the customers’ experience better and more enhanced, just like YouTube and other apps, streaming apps like Disney Plus algorithm keep a track of your preference so it can suggest you something similar – which it does. 

Let’s discuss, what could be the possible aspects of staying safe? 

This fact majorly relies on your definition of “safe”. Like some of Disney’s films have adult-themed content such as prostitution, sexual innuendo, alcohol use, killing, loot, and adult language. Thus, it is better to peruse the movie fare before allowing very young kids to watch it.

Cookies will be sent to the location, internet speed, and portal details: This is fundamentally user information that is given out if you call customer care and, sometimes, it might be less than this. Consequently, the talk about data collection is the information that is being collected, how it aids you in connecting, which place you are connecting, what sort of device is being used, at what time and for how long, and what is being been watched. 

Mostly, these are similar things you would update on Facebook. After it’s sold then to which company, does it cross-reference with the general consumer characteristics that are age, gender, etc. 

Most importantly, if you receive an email stating to be about your account, you should not respond to it, you can log in to recheck the account, as no streaming service requires your information through email, they have various tech-smart techniques of gaining it: majorly if the streaming service you use is using any email that requires an account. However, in case of issues, it is not possible to log back in.

Final Thoughts

Similar to any other online service that we avail of, the customers got to be careful while responding to scam emails or anything of that sort that involves finances or personal information. Otherwise, everything is pretty simple, self-explanatory and honest. For kids, there are accounts available according to age bracket that have content exclusively designed for children. Furthermore, you can manage wisely by monitoring them from distance or guiding them on what to watch or what not to. 


Nick is a Software Engineer. He has interest in gadgets and technical stuffs. If you are facing any problem with your Windows, feel free to ask him.


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