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There is no doubt that Windows is one of the most successful operating systems in the world. It has been through many versions since it was first developed, and even though not all of them was a success, they have been at the forefront of business ever since. The latest version Windows 10 has been successful in many ways, and many companies have upgraded their computers to the new system. If you haven’t upgraded yet, then here are some of the reasons you should consider it.

Familiar User Experience

From the development of Windows 8, there has been a consistent format and layout for the operating system. It means that if you are using computers with one of these versions, then there is no need for a big training plan to teach your workers how to use it. Plus, with many PC’s and laptops at home now sporting Windows 10, most people are familiar with this latest version. From a business point of view, not only does this save time and money with training, but it also keeps your efficiency high and your production stable.

Access to Many Devices

Because Windows 10 was designed to help people integrate with other devices, it has made working with other companies and colleagues easier. If you have remote workers, or you employ freelancers to do some of your work, then having this new version will allow you to collaborate easier and share documents. If you give your workers access to Windows tablets or phones, then they will be able to share and view work with colleagues. However, many of the windows applications are also now available on Android and iOS as well.

Integration with Other Products

One of the best things about using Windows for all your processes is that it can be integrated with many other products. For example, you can use Microsoft Azure to make your company better and use it with other Microsoft products. It is important that if you are using an online system that you adhere to Azure Cloud Security best practices so that your information is safe and secure.

Access to Apps

There are now many apps that are designed to work with Windows 10, which can be useful for your company. If you are looking to use certain software, such as an email client, then there might be an app that would integrate into Windows for you, so you can use it seamlessly. The good thing about using these apps is that they already know whether your system can use them, so they won’t be available if not compatible. You can also use the dedicated web browser called edge so that you can upload and download files easily.

For the small business or the large corporation, there are many benefits to using one OS for the whole infrastructure. Not only can you share documents and other information quickly between buildings and staff, you can also have other systems integrated into the OS that are relevant to your business.


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