We know that Windows 10 Anniversary Update integrated Linux with Windows 10 platform and Bash is one such important feature. Windows Subsystem for Linux is an optional feature in Windows 10 which has some restrictions. For example you can update the feature but you cannot update it even though it is eligible for updates. Now the main issue is that upgrading to Windows 10 Creators Update is not going to provide you a potential solution. You to manually update Windows Subsystem for Linux and there is no method of auto update. Now before delving deep into the method of upgrading you must keep in mind that the latest stable version of WSL is 16.04.

subsystem for linux
1. The first option is very simple. If you haven’t yet enabled WSL, then it’ll not be a big issue. No need to update the application, just upgrade your operating system to Windows 10 Creators Update and then enable Windows Subsystem for Linux. You will get the updated version.

2. If you want to check which version of WSL is running on your machine, first open Bash on Ubuntu for Windows app. If you have enabled WSl, then the app will appear on your app list. Open the Ubuntu application. Run the following command

lsb-release -d

3. Now if your computer is running the Creators Update then you can update WSL. But if your computer is running Windows 10 Anniversary Update, then you can’t update WSL. So for the former condition, open the Bash On Ubuntu On Windows app. Next, run the following command:


Next, the app will check if any update is available for your machine. You have to enter your Linux password. Remember, this is not the password​ of your Live account or admin account. It the password that you have set while enabling Bash on your Windows 10. Enter the password. There will be three attempts before the update request is cancelled. The update process will take some time. Once it is done, it will provide you a summary of the update.

You may or may not get to install additional updates. If not, just type Y and tap Enter to continue. Wait for the updates to download and install.

Windows Subsystem for Linux will be updated to the latest version 16.04.


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