The downloads via metered connection in Windows 10 is always turned off. Download using metered connection incurs more cost than that using a Wi-Fi connection. It might happen that you were downloading large media files using your home Wi-Fi and then you go out of the range of your Wi-Fi. If your metered connection like 3G mobile data is turned on, then downloading of the files will consume all of the limited data. Hence downloads using metered connection is always turned off by default. If you deliberately want to download any file using metered connection, then you can turn it on. The following tutorial will show you how to turn on downloads using metered connection in Windows 10. You can use the same method to turn it off when you want.

Steps to turn on Download over metered connections in Windows 10

1. First tap on the Action Center located on the icon on the taskbar and go to All Settings.

All Settings

2. Now select Devices.


3. In the left panel, tap on Connected devices.

connected devices

4. Now in the right panel, check out for the option Download over metered connections. Tap on the slider below to turn it on/off

metered on


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